Tips for Northwestern Entrepreneurs

An important step in starting a company is to clarify the role that the academic entrepreneur will be able to play and the steps to move the inventions to the company. These issues can vary widely depending on the nature of your startup and your own background, desires and interests. However, there are a few things to keep in mind as you consider starting this new venture.


AT A GLANCE:  What should be the top priorities for faculty startups?  And what are the steps to achieve those goals? 

Former Northwestern EIR, Mike Janse, recommends two essential goals for all startups as well as practical steps to reach those goals. Since creating biomedical startups require attention to sector-specific details, entrepreneurs Andrew Mazar and Maryam Saleh also offer relevant comments that are specific to their areas of expertise, therapeutics and medical device sectors, respectively.

Recommendations for Faculty Startups